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Much-awaited Dialog league fixture released


2012 league champs Havelocks will take on Hambanthota Sharks - the new kid in the local rugby arena in the curtain-raiser of the much awaited Dialog league tournamnet scheduled to kick off from 15th of November.

The second round will take place between 24th January to 23rd February and the below given is the first round fixture released yesterday by the SLRFU.


Date Home Team Visiting Team Venue Time
15-Nov Havelock SC Hambanthota Sharks Havelock Park 6.30 pm
16-Nov SL Navy SC SL Air Force SC Welisara 4.30 pm
16-Nov Upcountry Lions C R & F C Nawalapitiya 4.30 pm
17-Nov Kandy SC C H & F C Nittawala 4.30 pm
17-Nov SL Army SC SL Police SC Diyagama 4.30 pm
23-Nov C R & F C Kandy SC Longdon Place 4.30 pm
23-Nov SL Army SC Upcountry Lions Diyagama 4.30 pm
23-Nov SL Navy SC SL Police SC Welisara 4.30 pm
24-Nov C H & F C Havelock SC C H Grounds 4.30 pm
24-Nov Hambanthota Sharks SL Air Force SC Hambanthota 4.35 pm
30-Nov Havelock SC SL Air Force SC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
30-Nov Hambanthota Sharks SL Police SC Hambanthota 4.30 pm
30-Nov Upcountry Lions SL Navy SC Nawalapitiya 4.30 pm
30-Nov C H & F C C R & F C C H Grounds 4.30 pm
1-Dec Kandy SC SL Army SC Nittawala 4.30 pm
6-Dec SL Air Force SC SL Police SC Rathmalana 4.45 pm
7-Dec Havelock SC C R & F C Havelock Park 6.30 pm
7-Dec Upcountry Lions Hambanthota Sharks Nawalapitiya 4.30 pm
8-Dec SL Army SC C H & F C Diyagama 4.30 pm
8-Dec Kandy SC SL Navy SC Nittawala 4.30 pm
13-Dec Havelock SC SL Police SC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
14-Dec C R & F C SL Army SC Longdon Place 4.30 pm
14-Dec SL Air Force SC Upcountry Lions Rathmalana 4.30 pm
14-Dec C H & F C SL Navy SC C H Ground 4.30 pm
15-Dec Kandy SC Hambanthota Sharks Nittawala 4.30 pm
20-Dec Havelock SC SL Army SC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
21-Dec C R & F C SL Navy SC Longdon Place 4.30 pm
21-Dec Hambanthota Sharks C H & F C Hambanthota 4.30 pm
22-Dec SL Police SC Upcountry Lions Police Park 4.30 pm
22-Dec Kandy SC SL Air Force SC Nittawala 4.30 pm
3-Jan SL Navy SC SL Army SC Welisara 4.45 pm
4-Jan SL Police SC Kandy SC Police Park 4.30 pm
4-Jan Hambanthota Sharks C R & F C Hambanthota 4.30 pm
4-Jan Havelock SC Upcountry Lions Havelock Park 6.30 pm
5-Jan C H & F C SL Air Force SC C H Grounds 4.30 pm
10-Jan SL Army SC Hambanthota Sharks Diyagama 4.45 pm
11-Jan Upcountry Lions Kandy SC Nawalapitiya 4.30 pm
11-Jan SL Navy SC Havelock SC Welisara 4.30 pm
11-Jan SL Air Force SC C R & F C Rathmalana 4.30 pm
12-Jan C H & F C SL Police SC C H Grounds 4.30 pm
17-Jan SL Navy SC Hambanthota Sharks Welisara 4.45 pm
18-Jan Havelock SC Kandy SC Havelock Park 6.30 pm
19-Jan Upcountry Lions C H & F C Nawalapitiya 4.30 pm
19-Jan SL Army SC SL Air Force SC Diyagama 4.30 pm
19-Jan SL Police SC C R & F C Police Park 4.30 pm


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AGoal International hosts Sports Strapping workshop

By Ameen Mohamed

Sports Strapping is an important aspect to not only rugby, but many different sports as well. Agoal International in a bid to increase awareness on the methods of sports strapping conducted a practical course titled ‘Introduction to Sports Strapping –Application of Rigid and Kinesio Taping in Sports Context’ at the CR and FC Auditorium yesterday.

 MG 7802This course effectively use and highlighted the scientific techniques of strapping and was conducted by Dulan Tharanga Kodikara who is a specialist Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist and has extensive experience in sports strapping due to his various endeavours with professional sports team in Australia.

 MG 7795Dilroy Fernando, Director of Agoal International explained that ‘Our prime aim is to help the Rugby Union and other sports as well in order to take every single sport to a different level and there will be more programmes in the future as well on other important topics as well.’

 MG 7812Addressing the gathering Alastair Saverimutto, CEO of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) said ‘What I have seen in Sri Lanka with respects to Rugby, is that it has fantastic support, following and everybody is naturally talented but the areas where Sri Lanka need to professionalize are the coaching techniques, way we operate in supplements etc". "Today we have to understand that strapping is an important part of the sport, and this course is of utmost importance to help the development of rugby as well’ he further added.

Ryan Gibney, an expert on physical strength and conditioning, addressed the gathering by saying ‘It’s not what they do in the gym of the field, it is also what sportsmen and sportswomen do outside training that is important, such as strapping, supplements etc.’

This course was attended by various physiotherapists, trainers, coaches, instructors, sportsmen and sportswomen in a bid to increase awareness on the importance of proper sports strapping in Sri Lanka. MG 7847

More photos on www.facebook.com/srilankarugby

 MG 7860


43rd Mercantile Rugby 7s: Day 1

43rd Dialog Mercantile Rugby 7s:

The first day's results of the Mercantile Rugby 7s Tournament held at CR&FC ground, Colombo.

Commercial Leasing v Union Bank 38-00
Iconic Advertising v Sri Lanka Insurance A 00-19
Dialog B v HSBC 24-00
NTB v CDB 05-26
Commercial Leasing v CL Synergy 00-12
Iconic Advertising v Union Bank 38-00
Dialog B v Commercial Credit 05-12
NTB v HSBC 05-05
Commercial Leasing v Sri Lanka Insurance A 00-26
Iconic Advertsing v CL Synergy 10-05
Dialog B v CDB 07-12
NTB 10 v Commercial Credit 12
Kandurata Umbrella v Janashakthi 00-28
CL Synergy v Sri Lanka Insurance A 07-19
Commercial Credit v CDB 12-12
Commercial Leasing v Iconic Advertising 05-12
CL Synergy v Union Bank 42-00
Dialog B v NTB 24-00
Commercial Credit v HSBC 14-07

Kandurata Umbrella v Hidramani 05-10
Milenium IT v Ceylon Tobacco 19-19
Digital Commerce v PABC 00-43
Brandix v Janashakthi 17-05
Virtusa v Expo Lanka 05-10
Softlogic v Sri Lanka Insurance B 28-00
Amana Takaful v Hayleys 33-00
Millennium IT v Sri Lanka Insurance B 31-00
Digital Commerce v Hayleys 00-35
Brandix v Hidramani 10-21
Virtusa v Alliance Finance 22-05
Softlogic v Ceylon Tobacco 35-00
Amana Takaful v PABC 00-12
Kandurata Umbrella v Brandix 05-10

Nation Lanka v Commercial Bank 22-07
John Keels A v MAS B 33-07
MAS A v Sampath Bank 35-00
Dialog A v John Keels B 24-05
Nation Lanka v MAS B 39-00
John Keels A v Commercial Bank 21-07
MAS A v John Keels B 19-00
Dialog A v Sampath Bank A 19-00

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League tourney in November; Sharks join the title frenzy


By Dhammika Heenpella

Sri Lanka's premier rugby league tournament is scheduled to be held in November this year and unlike the previous seasons, the SLRFU has made a decision to hold the tournament two months late so it does not clash with the popular school rugby season.

This year Sri Lanka rugby fans will see the birth of another new contender in Hambantota Sharks and it is speculated that the top rated rugby players in the country would join the new team. 

Early this year, the communication giant Dialog Axiata secured the tournament sponsorship deal for the second successive year and has promised to play a bigger and vital role in developing rugby in Sri Lanka.

SLRFU Inter Club Sevens Day Two (FINALS) Results

The finals of the SLRFU Inter Club Sevens took place at Havelock Grounds from 1pm-9pm yesterday (5th May). The results are as follows;

Quarter Finals -

Upcountry Lions beat Police 'A' (31-5)
Kandy 'A' beat Navy 'A' (21-5)
CH&FC beat Air Force 'A' (15-12)
Havelocks beat CR&FC (29-0)

Read more: SLRFU Inter Club Sevens Day Two (FINALS) Results

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